Blowers are utilized to blend air and gas to give Combustion Air Incineration. Average applications incorporate business water warmers and boilers. Stable wind current and consistent weight is the key prerequisites of ignition blowers. High speed dryers regularly utilize the speed from the burner supply fans to smoothness or pass on the item being warmed.



These Gas Blower are custom assembling are per the necessity of the client and have been extraordinarily intended for siphoning of Bio-gas and other destructive gases. Extraordinary material of development, oil and fixing game plan make them perfect for such applications. Material and development and development subtleties shift to meet various gas prerequisites.



Water cooled blower is comparable in development and execution with the exception of in the difference in cooling course of action. In water cooled blower the plates have water coats around them where water is flowed, which disseminate the warmth of pressure produced and keep internals cool. Water cooled blowers are suggested for application where release pressure.



Roots blower in aquaculture is otherwise called Roots aerator and small scale permeable air circulation aerator. The items supply oxygen to fish and shrimp by submerged air circulation, which settles the impediments of customary aerator, for example, huge vibration, high clamor and lopsided aeration. Roots blower is broadly utilized in aquaculture industry, particularly in industrialized aquaculture.


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ROOTECH SERVICES are the leading manufacturers of root blowers in Chennai. We make our products utilizing the most recent innovation in this field and excellent raw materials from the most confided in sellers. Customer Satisfaction is our main goal consequently we keep up quality at each phase of our product preparing in order to for offer our customers superbly performing device. Trust and Satisfaction of our clients is our primary income.


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Perfect and real quality is the claim to fame of our company, which has been achieved by utilizing world-class crude materials.Stringent quality review measures are watched, beginning from the underlying phase of the assembling procedure till the last phase of acquiring a completed product. This guarantees a magnificent product, bringing about the total fulfillment of our customers spread over the globe.


We are a noticeable name in this area occupied with offering a wide range of Pumps, Blowers and Industrial Components. Inferable from the superior quality of our parts and frameworks, we have accomplished massive market appreciation. A portion of the reasons, for which are acclaimed by the customers are:
Experienced workforce
Powerful packaging
Basic requesting process
Exacting quality controls at all levels of production
Simple installment modes (cash, demand draft and others)
Prompt delivery of consignments
High Energy Efficiency
Cost Effective
Decreased Noise
High manufacturing quality
Precise flow and pressure
Excellent after sales service and support


Waste Water Treatment
Electroplating Industry
Powder Conveyance
Grain Transport
Paper Making Industry
Food Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Chemical Industry
As Vacuum Dryer
As Vacuum Packing for Food
As Dust Collection Machine, etc.


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Root Blower Manufacturers in chennai

Blower Manufacturers

The words "Roots blower" are inseparable from these pumps and the explanation they are likewise commonly referred to as booster pumps is that they are mounted at the inlet of a primary pump. They "boost" the performance of the primary pump improving pump down speed. The combination of Root blower and primary pump gives around a seven-fold speed up and a ten times increase in pressure, in comparison with an essential pump alone.

Twin Lobe Blower Manufacturers in chennai

Blower System

Roots blowers are utilized to transport, destructive and unstable gases in compound plants and treatment facilities. These include gases, for example, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine, and different mixes of hydrocarbon gases. Roots blowers are utilized in regenerative drying systems to give super spotless and dry air. Bulk dry raw materials, for example, aluminium oxide, are pneumatic passed on utilizing roots blowers on gantry transport unloads.

Positive Displacement Blowers in chennai

Air Blower

Air Blower is a positive displacement machine, which release a constant volume of air when worked at a steady speed. These machines are suitable for both pressure and vacuum applications. Pressure is not developed inside the blower however by the demand of the system. Differential pressure, thusly, varies to meet the load conditions and system resistance. They are widely utilized in concrete plants, pneumatic passing on system.

Root Blower Manufacturers in chennai

Root Blowers

A Roots blower is a valve-less displacement blower without inner pressure. At the point when the pressure chamber comes into contact with the outlet port, compacted air flows again into the lodging from the pressure side. Consequently, further pressure happens when the volume of the pressure chamber further reductions. Likewise, pressure happens against full counter-pressure, which brings about low productivity and a high noise level.

Twin Lobe Blower Manufacturers in chennai

Twin Lobe Blowers

As the twin lobes root blower rotate in opposite direction air travels inside the chamber and it is constrained outside by utilizing the weight made by rotors revolution. One of the main advantages of applying twin lobe roots blower is that it is a solid choice for getting reliable stream rate independent of the variable pressure release conditions as twin lobe blower depends generally upon the working speed of the lobes.

Positive Displacement Blowers in chennai

Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive displacement blowers make flow by filling and emptying chambers of air; these blowers produce flow which is generally free of working pressure. Positive displacement blowers that can deliver a for the most part fixed volume with changing channel and additionally release pressures. The throughput of a centrifugal blower can differ altogether with just minor changes in channel or discharge pressure.

Aqua Blowers Manufacturers in Chennai

Aquaculture Blowers

A large number of processes you apply to quality of life of your population depend upon the supply of compressed air or oxygen. We supply aquaculture blowers for needs of Aquaculture industry and consequently along these lines offer 100% without oil air delivery blowers and paint to resist saline weather conditions which are an extremely rust prone environment by offering best regarding performance, usefulness, and experience.

Sewage Treatment Plant Blowers Manufacturers in chennai

Sewage Treatment Plant Blowers

Sewage Treatment Plant Blowers is one of the fundamental strategies for wastewater treatment is a biological methodology. Variable air requirements in the design and construction of aeration tanks are difficulties for any sewage treatment plant. The result is amazingly high energy utilization that can make up to 80% of complete expenses. It is the most extreme energy efficiency for fundamental loads, pinpoint adjustments for top loads.

Effluent Treatment Plant Blowers Manufacturers in chennai

Effluent Treatment Plant Blowers

Effluent treatment plants ordinarily known as ETPs are an important part of any industrial facility that requires water in their manufacturing processes. ETP root blower cleans the waste-water of the industry which is additionally considered industrial effluents and makes the water reusable for different purposes. The ETP blower is generally used in food, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries because of the different applications and processes.

Vacuum Booster Manufacturers in Chennai

Vacuum Booster

The vacuum booster is an exceptionally simple, exquisite design. The device needs a vacuum source to work. In gas controlled vehicles, the motor gives a vacuum reasonable to the promoters. Actually, if you hook a hose to a specific aspect of an engine, you can suck a portion of the let some circulation into of the compartment, producing a partial vacuum. Since engines don't produce a vacuum, so it must utilize a different vacuum pump.

Root Pump Manufacturers in Chennai

Root Pump

A Roots pump has two counter-rotating rotors that function simultaneously and without contact, all inside a single housing. The rotors are set up and arranged in a figure-eight, and a little hole separates them. The rotor shafts have somewhere in the range of 4 and 6 sets of rotors. The rotor cavities are separated from one another by a stator plate containing a gas opening. The gas that goes through is pumped from the bay port.

Industrial Blower Manufacturers in Chennai

Industrial Blowers

Industrial blowers are mechanical devices which are utilized in the places/measure where flow of gas is required, for example, passing on, ventilating, cooling, suctioning, debilitating and so forth. A blower is likewise regularly known as "Fans" in numerous industries. Industrial blowers can be specified by blower type, stream limit, measurements, most extreme working weight, port plan and electrical ratings.

Vacuum Booster Manufacturers in Chennai

Acoustic Hood Enclosure

Acoustic enclosures decrease noise levels at source, on either new or existing machinery. They are designed to meet explicit noise decrease requirements inside factories, or external noise contamination to the surrounding area. Acoustic Enclosure can be utilized in steel plant, power plant, and any place undesired commotion causes obstacle at working environment. Our team of trained and skilled technician will design Machine Enclosure in a careful manner utilizing excellent metal sheets and proven technologies.



ROOTECH SERVICES is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial burners, blowers and fans. Our range is known for their product quality, high standards, customization availability and cost-effective rates.

We are one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of industrial blowers, burners and fans. Being established in 2009, today we become a well known player in the industrial blower industry. We manufacture top quality products that are well researched and uniquely customized to its customers' needs. Our products are easy but to utilize, functional, efficient and highly resistant to erosion, aside from utilizing less power.

We have modern infrastructure to support our manufacturing process. We have a good R&D division and an excellent quality control team that helps us sends simply the best products to our clients. Our expert teams of specialists and sales reps add to on-time delivery of our products in the most cost effective way. We fit in with global standards both in quality and customization subsequently helping us increase most extreme customers.

We use best in class technology to manufacture our top quality products. We have severe quality control forms set up by which we guarantee consistence with international standards. Our products have a high level of reliability/quality, low initial and operating costs, and no maintenance hassles. They function admirably and are exceptionally erosion safe. This kind of focus has helped us gather customers from all over India.

Further, we have dedicated team of specialists in different fields working for us. This includes engineers, design personnel, sales and marketing people, and quality analysts who work in closeness with each other, guaranteeing a smooth progression of procedures for greatest productivity and on time delivery. We focus on customer satisfaction by analyzing their needs and modifying our products to suit the customer's needs.


We are an expertly overseen association
We have most recent foundation and testing offices
Brief after deal services
Unrivaled quality products
Wide distribution network
Focused costs
Brief Services
Timely delivery is guaranteed
Issue free execution
Very much prepared architects the installation


High Efficiency
Low Noise
Energy Saving
Sturdy Construction
Stable Air Flow
Easy Maintenance
Extremely Low Vibration
Long Lifetime
Cleaning Air
No Oily Odors